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Ziryab Films is a Chicago-based film production studio founded by actor, writer, and director, Rahsaan Noor. NBS News named him one of the greatest talents of our time. His latest movie Bengali Beauty disrupted the industry, garnering over 2 million views within days. The success of Bengali Beauty became a new part of the cultural fabric but also came with some challenges. The controversial movie got banned and boycotted by the media but was debated and celebrated by fans around the globe.

Inspired by the impact Bengali Beauty had and the feedback from fans craving more, Rahsaan Noor set out to write his next film, with the goal of making a bigger dent in Indian cinema. Having a vision for Ziryab Films, Rahsaan reached out to Nothing to help him create a visual identity that felt as unique as his stories.

The logo captures the spirit of Ziryab (Blackbird), bold and contemporary while encapsulating a bird that symbolizes freedom and creativity. The bold logotype is based on the mid-century Grotesk, Telegraf by Pangram Pangram Foundry, giving its strong presence for the big screen. 
The “y” in the wordmark collapses into a bird icon creating a more distinct mark that works well across different applications. We also created a 3D icon to evoke that big motion picture feeling. It's inspired by the “light, camera, action!” cinematic reel look. In order to create an even more memorable brand experience, we worked with Drop Music Branding to create a special audio logo.

The new logo is set to appear in Ziryab's next big film set to hit big in the near future.


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