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Brand Identity


Neha Agarwal—Brand Manager, Lindt
The Cooked—Photography
Nipi Bhogal—Photography

Project brief
Lindt One for One is a special edition chocolate bar with a purpose. According to research by Second Harvest, food insecurity and the demand for food charities in Canada will continue to grow in 2023. The number of people served per month by non-profit organizations dispensing free food is expected to increase by 60 percent in 2023, on top of having grown by 134 percent from 2021 to 2022. With Lindt One for One, Lindt Canada seeks to build awareness of this pressing issue while providing Canadians with a simple and direct way to support those affected by food insecurity. For each bar sold, Lindt donates a meal to those in need through a partnership with Second Harvest, addressing Canada's growing food insecurity.

Lindt Canada tasked Nothing Design Studio to help craft the Lindt One for One brand identity and packaging design, ensuring it embodied Lindt's mission to enchant the world with chocolate in a new way – by bringing purpose to each purchase.
Project challenge and Solution
Creating the identity for Lindt One for One was no easy task. We understand that connecting chocolate with food insecurity may sound confusing so we had to ensure we crafted a brand identity that embodies Lindt’s deep passion for craftsmanship while conveying their continuous efforts to build stronger and vibrant communities.

Logo Design
Starting with the Lindt One for One logo, we crafted a custom wordmark that gracefully merges the words "One for One," weaving a tapestry of unity and shared purpose. We chose Druk Bold as the foundational typeface because of its narrow profile which allowed for maximum impression on the bar’s tall packaging and it uncompromising boldness which appropriately echoed the brand's commitment to addressing food insecurity. This combination when placed on a slim chocolate bar, ensures that the brand stands out prominently, even in a crowded retail setting.

Packaging Design
To distinguish Lindt One for One, we consciously departed from Lindt's typical identity. Our strategy was clear – craft a design that emanated joy and expressiveness, rooted in Lindt's artisanal heritage yet elegantly simple and honest.

  1. Distinctive Visual Identity: The split-colour design immediately distinguishes the packaging from Lindt's typical lineup, making Lindt One for One stand out on the shelves. This distinctiveness is crucial for capturing the consumer's attention in a competitive market.
  2. Flavour Differentiation: The solid colour on the top portion of the packaging is not just visually striking but also serves a functional purpose. It helps customers quickly identify the flavour of the chocolate bar. This colour-coding simplifies the decision-making process for consumers and enhances their overall shopping experience.
  3. Humanitarian Connection: The use of kraft paper on the bottom half of the packaging creates a sense of empathy and connection with the mission of giving. Kraft paper has a natural, humble, and grounded quality, which aligns perfectly with the humanitarian aspect of the product – donating meals to those in need. This tactile connection can evoke feelings of care and authenticity.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: While the use of actual craft paper might have been ideal, it could have increased production costs and, consequently, the cost per bar. By using the same dieline and paper stock for the bottom half, the brand keeps production costs manageable while still conveying the desired message.
  5. Clarity of Purpose: The top section of the packaging is reserved for the chocolate bar's mission callout, making it clear to consumers that their purchase supports a charitable cause. This reinforces the purpose of the product and encourages consumers to choose it for both its taste and its impact.

The result is an identity that captures the essence of Lindt's magic while inspiring consumers to support a humanitarian cause. It's a joyful, expressive, and honest representation of a brand that believes in the goodness of doing good.

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